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We at BlueTide Analytics built Smartsheet-powered solution for WOG Technologies to gain real-time insights into each department, project and resource.

Our solution fostered improved collaboration between teams, vendors, and customers. This resulted in enhanced project execution and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


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Connector & Integrations

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Platform Capabilities

Dashboards & Reporting

Project Management

Implementation Process
Understanding Requirements

BlueTide Analytics conducted comprehensive workshops with WOG Technologies to understand their existing processes, pain points, and specific needs. This formed the foundation for a tailored solution.

Design the Solution

Our team crafted a comprehensive plan with a focus on user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration of cross-department modules within Smartsheet.

Development & Integration

Using Smartsheet’s powerful features and custom development, we created and integrated the cross-department modules with WOG Technologies’s existing systems.

Testing & Training

Rigorous testing and training sessions were conducted to ensure the solution’s reliability and to empower WOG Technologies’s staff with the knowledge to make the most of the new system.

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"This dashboard provides senior executives with a comprehensive overview of current projects, including the percentage of completion for each project and a comparison of actual project expenses with the overall budgets."

“With Smartsheet, I have real-time insights into all the firm’s activities and costs across all departments. This has empowered me to make informed decisions quickly, which in turn has brought more efficiency and agility to our operations.”

Sunil Rajan
Chief Executive Officer at WOG Technologies
Ready to get started?

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Ready to get started?

“With Smartsheet, I have real-time insights into all the firm’s activities and costs across all departments. This has empowered me to make informed decisions quickly, which in turn has brought more efficiency and agility to our operations.”

Chief Executive Officer at WOG Technologies

WOG Technologies is a leader in water, wastewater, and renewable energy management. Operating around the world, the company provides technological solutions and builds facilities for both industrial and municipal clients. “We have the right tools and expertise to tackle the most challenging industrial wastewater problems, and we take pride in making an important contribution to environmental protection,” explains Sunil Rajan, Chief Executive Officer at WOG Technologies.

WOG Technologies has multiple teams and departments handling a wide variety of complex projects, making it difficult to manage with a single line of sight. “The existing legacy project management solution lacked real-time capabilities which made it hard for our departments to collaborate seamlessly,” notes Rajan. “I needed a centralised dashboard to make data-driven decisions quickly and drive the company’s growth.”

Building solutions methodically

The company reached out to BlueTide Analytics, a Smartsheet Aligned Gold Solution Partner, to build a suite of Smartsheet solutions. BlueTide Analytics conducted workshops with WOG Technologies to understand its existing workflows, pain points and needs. “Our priority was to build user-friendly interfaces and integrate cross-department modules seamlessly.” explains Rajan.

After a thorough audit of existing processes, the team proceeded to create Smartsheet-powered solutions to provide Mr. Rajan the visibility he needed.

“Smartsheet’s powerful features and custom development fit our needs and integrate nicely with our existing systems.”

Uniting and optimizing resources

The BlueTide team first broke down existing silos with cross-department modules. “These modules seamlessly integrated data from various departments, giving me real-time insights into all the firm’s activities and costs,” notes Rajan. “This has empowered me to make informed decisions quickly, which in turn has brought more efficiency and agility to our operations. When I travel, the first thing I open in the morning to check in is a dashboard.”

After establishing a bird’s eye view of every department, the BlueTide team moved on to understanding the role of each staff member. “Optimal resource allocation is crucial to us, so the team created a heatmap-based human resources (HR) planning tool with embedded Power BI reports,” says Rajan. “The Smartsheet dashboards helped us understand team capacities across projects. This has enabled us to allocate resources more effectively, resulting in better project outcomes and a reduction in resource bottlenecks.”

Executing projects like a well-oiled machine

The next step was a project management solution powered by Smartsheet. For each project, the team now had access to information like the status, risk level, costs, accountable employees, and completion dates.

“With more real-time executive visibility, our team members now have everything they need to manage and finalise projects smoothly,” shares Rajan. “Instead of 2 weeks, we can not get a project up and running in half the time. This solution has also fostered collaboration not only among our staff but also with vendors and customers. Before, it would take us 7-10 days to report on a completed project to our CEO. Now, they can see the status and risks almost in real time. This has reduced the reporting time by 90 percent.”

Bringing effective project management one step further, WOG Technologies implemented the critical path analysis (CPA) in Smartsheet, mapping out every task necessary for completing a project and identifying dependencies and the amount of time needed for each. “With Smartsheet’s capabilities, we can easily identify and address potential project bottlenecks proactively,” notes Rajan.

Ensuring steady growth

Finally, WOG Technologies streamlined its sales pipeline, implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Proposal Tracking module within Smartsheet. “With this solution, we can track every sales opportunity or interaction with our clients,” shares Rajan.

“This way, nothing can slip through the cracks. We have reduced missed sales opportunities and streamlined the proposal preparation process, leading to faster client submissions.”

Before going live, BlueTide Analytics undertook rigorous testing to ensure that the solutions performed as expected. The team also trained the WOG Technologies staff, enabling every employee to make the most of the system.

With a robust project management system, cross-departmental visibility, and an efficient use of resources, WOG Technologies is now ready to serve customers faster and with greater agility and efficacy. “With a very smooth and simple implementation, we have leveraged Smartsheet to suit our specific needs. We have empowered our team with crucial real-time insights, bringing us strategic decision-making and streamlined operations. I cannot wait to see how we continue to raise the bar on productivity with technology.”


Through a collaborative effort, BlueTide Analytics successfully implemented cross-departmental dashboards for WOG Technologies using Smartsheet. The modern SaaS-based project management solution and integrated cross-department modules have empowered the CEO with real-time insights, driving efficient operations and strategic decision-making.

“If your organization is seeking to optimize Project Management processes and gain real-time insights across departments, get in touch with BlueTide Analytics today. We are dedicated to providing data-driven solutions that enable better decision-making and drive operational efficiency.”

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