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Startups and Midmarket

The Problem

  • We believe that midmarket firms and startups have not fully embraced the power of data. Tools are complex and expensive and overwhelm management.
  • Budget constraints reduce access to consultants and enterprise solutions that often require specialist IT teams to setup and maintain
  • At BlueTide we focus on business deliverables from projects; we work to deliver you Return on Equity
  • Our prop products and solutions are cost effective and easily customised to suit your unique needs

Work With Us To Trigger Growth

  • The implementation of BI becomes the first step in preparing a data strategy for the firm
  • BI tools are a low risk/ low cost/ low disruption entry point into the Industry 4.0 journey
  • According to research, adoption of a cohesive data strategy has driven a tangible on corporate performance both in terms of share price (and thus ROE) as well as on financial margins.
  • The Impact of Big Data on Firm Performance, Univ. of Quebec, Ertz et al, Mar-2021

Tools that Deliver Value to the Decision Makers

CXO Management, Finance, Operations primarily drive BI adoption because they can directly see the impact of tracking key operational and financial metrics and affect timely changes can have on the topline and bottomline of the organization

Major Gaps However Remain

Startup & Midmarket that work towards proactively building a coherent data backbone can gain significant competitor advantage. This makes them able to redirect strategic goals as needed


Adopt an Enterprise Data Strategy Quickly

We address all the barriers to your adoption of BI solutions across the organization.

Appropriate Tools

Select and deploy appropriate BI and analytics tools across your organization

Desired Customization

Configure your data strategy to cater to your organization’s specific needs and environment

Weave in your business

A data strategy should take into consideration your incumbent business processes and not supplant them

Get in Touch

Drop us your details. We’d love to have a chat with you to understand how we can collaborate in building a strong data backbone for your organization.

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