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Org Data Sync with Smartsheet

Make Smartsheet Your Organization's Data Mesh

At BlueTide we work on customized data strategy solutions for our clients using Smartsheet as a collaboration and automation platform

Problem Statement

  • Smartsheet is an exceptional tool to automate and streamline workflows, aid collaboration and enable data transparency across the organisation
  • Senior management particularly find that Smartsheet delivers excellent enhancement to effective decision making
  • However, data often sits in various silos across the organisation – ERP, CRM, HCM, XLS files and others
  • For organisations, integrating these tools into Smartsheet would instantly solve for data visibility, data ownership and effective intelligence mining from data

Our Solution

  • BlueTide delivers custom built solutions that integrate data from across the organisation into a cost effective, firm owned data lake/ warehouse
  • This solves for data access costs from disaggregated silos and aids future analytics and processing
  • We integrate the output from this warehouse into Smartsheet which delivers a brilliant collab and viz interface for key stakeholders
  • We can further integrate Smartsheet into existing analytics solutions or deliver enhanced viz by integrating tools like Power BI/ Tableau/ Apache Echarts into Smartsheet.
Get in Touch

Drop us your details. We’d love to have a chat with you to understand how we can collaborate in building a strong data backbone for your organization.

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